LAHA Expert Clinical Lecturer Dr. Jugoslav Jovanović Introduces TouchWhiteTM Laser Bleaching Treatment

25 January 2011

TouchWhiteTM is a novel, erbium-laser-assisted tooth whitening method, which makes use of the fact that the Er:YAG laser wavelength has a water absorption peak of about 3 μm. Since water is the major component of most aqueous bleaching gels, this technique eliminates the need for more complex (and potentially toxic) bleaching gels that contain special laser-absorbing particles.

Dr. Jovanović explained why TouchWhiteTM is a safer tooth-whitening method. With conventional laser treatments, the laser beam is not fully absorbed by the thin layer of gel that covers the tooth, even with the addition of special laser-absorbing particles. This means that thermal damage can easily occur in the tooth. With the TouchWhiteTM method, the laser energy is fully absorbed in the gel, so the bleaching process is more effective and there is no risk of damage to the tooth.

Dr. Jovanović is a researcher and lecturer in the field of laser-based oral applications and dentistry. As a member of several international organizations in laser-assisted dentistry he has published numerous articles and has lectured at domestic and international congresses and workshops. He practices laser dentistry on a daily basis in his private practice in Kozarac - Prijedor, BiH, where he focuses mainly on endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery and aesthetic dentistry. Currently he is involved in several clinical research studies, with the aim of bringing additional benefits in laser-assisted dentistry to patients worldwide.