SP Dynamis® Nx Line


Discover the Next Generation of Multi-Use Technology

Fotona’s SP Dynamis Nx Line is a truly versatile all-in-one solution for aesthetics & dermatology, designed to perform all major aesthetic treatments. With more than 100 treatment options, the SP Dynamis Nx Line represents the next generation in multi-application laser technology, with easy upgrades also available for surgical and gynecological procedures to expand its capabilities even further. Based on the award-winning SP Dynamis platform, the NX Line features a highly intuitive user-friendly interface with customizable memory presets that enable every practitioner to work faster and more efficiently, making it the ultimate revenue-generating device for modern practices.

Highest Performance Aesthetic Treatments

With a powerful combination of gold-standard Nd:YAG and Er:YAG laser wavelengths, this highly versatile device delivers outstanding results across a wide range of applications, including popular new non-invasive facial and body treatments that provide the kind of natural-looking results clients truly love. Fotona's Nd:YAG wavelength is effective for reaching the deepest layers of the skin, while the Er:YAG wavelength is ideal for brushing away surface imperfections to reveal visually attractive, long-lasting results. Full customizability allows you to precisely attain the clinical outcomes your patient’s desire.

Let your Creativity Soar

With an extensive range of state-of-the-art accessories, your clinical options are almost limitless. Professionally designed handpieces, easy-to-select operating modes and many other advanced features further enhance precision and performance for optimal clinical efficacy and unrivaled control during treatments. Moreover, the SP Dynamis Nx Line boasts advanced features such as eco-friendly CoolMist skin cooling and MatrixView® thermal sensors directly integrated into its handpieces.

Patented CoolMist Skin Cooling

CoolMist is Fotona’s patented skin-cooling technology, based on dry-spray molecular cooling (DMC) of the skin surface. The CoolMist water spray is integrated into the handpieces and scanner to improve comfort and enhance safety. It uses room temperature air and water so there is no risk of cryo-injury by over-cooling the skin.

Benefits of CoolMist:

  • More effective cooling of the skin, achieving lower temperatures faster
  • Eco-friendly, using water only
  • No consumables
  • One container of demineralized water lasts for a full day of laser procedures
  • Eliminates odor
  • Non-contact, no need for gels

Dynamic Vacuum Technology

The SP Dynamis Nx Line also incorporates integrated vacuum technology that is based on dynamically controlled intermittent suction and represents a unique add-on to enhance the Nx Line’s exceptional versatility. This unique solution works with a variety of radial applicators for highly efficient deep-tissue body and facial aesthetic treatments.

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