MaQX Clear®

Multi-pulse Skin Conditioning for Melasma and Pigmentation Disorders

  • Treats symptoms of melasma and pigmentation disorders
  • Rejuvenated, tighter and more youthful skin
  • An innovative 4-step approach
  • Minimally invasive
  • Long-term results

Melasma is a complex condition that has long been difficult to treat, with improvements in most cases sustainable only for short periods of time. The patented MaQX Clear® procedure with the StarWalker® MaQX system is a multifactorial approach that not only treats hyperpigmentation symptoms, but is also believed to have beneficial effects on the vascular component of melasma.

How does MaQX Clear® work?

The 1st step applies Q-s Nd:YAG pulses with MaQX1, which delivers a subcellular photoacoustic effect oriented to the destruction of melanosomes and the fragmentation of dermal melanin.

The 2nd step uses low-fluence, short FRAC3® pulses, which research suggests may be beneficial for treating the microvascular components that cause erythema.

 The 3rd step requires the use of the patented FracTAT® technology for fractional non-ablative and ablative treatments with the purpose to stimulate the exchange of keratinocytes and provide non-thermal rejuvenation of the tissue.

 The 4thstep consists of the application of the Nd:YAG VERSA mode if vascular lesions are visible. This penetrates to a depth of 5-6 mm into the skin, allowing for highly effective removal of the lesions.

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Clinical Results