International Workshop in Laser Aesthetics and Dermatology

22 April 2008 - 24 April 2008

During the first day of the workshop participants will cover basic laser physics and will gain an in-depth understanding of laser-tissue interaction. Hands-on sessions under guidance of experts in laser aesthetics will help participants gain insight in the effects of Er:YAG, long pulse Nd:YAG and KTP:YAG on different tissues. The second day presentations and discussions are led by Laser and Health Academy Lecturers and will cover the basic principles of using lasers in specific aesthetic and dermatological therapies. The advantages of laser-based and laser-assisted treatments, and the effects of various parameter settings will be discussed in great detail. Live demonstrations in a medical practice setting will show how laser therapy works in practice. During the final day of the workshop participants will learn how the DualisSP can also be used in a multitude of aesthetic and dermatological treatments through more live demonstrations and discussions with Laser and Academy Lecturers. The Laser and Health Academy workshops are an ideal opportunity for practitioners from all over the world to interact and share experiences, ideas and expertise in a relaxed atmosphere.