Endo-venous Laser Ablation Workshop

20 April 2012

The entire workshop is constituted covering the use of Fotona's laser systems in endovenous laser ablation.

Endovenous laser ablation is focused on in greater detail in separate program segments. Through demonstrations with hands-on opportunity in a surgical setting and led by experts in their fields, participants are instructed in the particularities of each procedure. It is the aim that participants gain a full understanding of the complete procedures and receive the most current best practice guidelines.

This includes covering risk assessment, anesthesia options, surgical technique and control, and postoperative patient guidelines.


  • Understand laser physics and laser-tissue interactions.
  • Understand effects of the different parameters settings and how to identify ideal settings for specific conditions and applications.
  • Learn how to gain maximum benefit for your practice out of Fotona laser systems.
  • Learn tips and tricks from laser experts and peers.