Clinical Dental Workshop

13 June 2014 - 14 June 2014

During this intensive one-and-a-half day workshop, participants will gain an in-depth knowledge of laser dentistry from Dr Kresimir Simunovic, who has 23 years of experience with different laser systems.

We will have the opportunity to discuss new approaches and complex clinical cases. The workshop includes a full-day live demonstration in a dental practice, where a variety of in-vivo cases are shown. Additionally, participants will learn how the Fotona dental laser system can also be used in facial aesthetic treatments.

With small groups consisting of a limited number of participants, the Laser and Heath Academy workshops are an ideal opportunity for dental practitioners from all around the world to interact and share experiences, ideas, and expertise in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, contact your local Fotona representative for registration information and bookings, or send an email to for further information.