Fotona LightWalker Workshop - Advanced

24 January 2015 - 16 October 2015

These are advanced one-day workshops designed for dental practitioners who already use lasers in their practice. The advantages of laser-based and laser-assisted treatments and the effects of various parameter settings will be discussed, led by an experienced dental laser expert who will share his extensive knowledge with participants. The workshops will be presented in German.

A list of the locations and dates for each workshop can be found in the table below.

For registration information and bookings, please contact:

Henry Schein Dental Depot GmbH
Monzastr. 2a
63225 Langen
Phone: 0800-ZAHNTEL 


City Instructor Date
Berlin Dr. Kresimir Simunovic 21.02.2015
Zürich Dr. Kresimir Simunovic 24.01.2015
Zürich Dr. Kresimir Simunovic 25.04.2015
Neumünster Dr. Kresimir Simunovic 28.02.2015
Köln Dr. T. Kuypers & Dr. K. Simunovic 18.04.2015
Dresdenn Dr. Volker Beltz 24.04.2015
Dresden Dr. Volker Beltz 16.10.2015