Laser Wavelength Workshops with Live Treatments

17 January 2015 - 28 November 2015

These workshops are organized for dentists who are not yet familiar with the use of dental lasers. Participants will see live demonstrations of Fotona’s LightWalker in a dental practice setting. The advantages of laser-based and laser-assisted treatments will be discussed. The workshops will be presented in German.

A list of the locations and dates for each workshop can be found in the table below.

For registration information and bookings, please contact:

Henry Schein Dental Depot GmbH
Monzastr. 2a
63225 Langen
Phone: 0800-ZAHNTEL

   City                                               Instructor                                                                    Date

Zürich Dr. Kresimir Simunovic 21.03.2015
Zürich Dr. Kresimir Simunovic 04.07.2015
Zürich Dr. Kresimir Simunovic 14.11.2015
Karlsruhe Dr. Alexander Kelsch 18.04.2015
Karlsruhe Dr. Alexander Kelsch 29.09.2015
Nuremberg Dr. Fiedler 21.02.2015
Nuremberg Dr. Fiedler 30.05.2015
Nuremberg Dr. Fiedler 05.09.2015
Munich Dr. Marcus Engelschalk 07.03.2015
Munich Dr. Marcus Engelschalk 11.07.2015
Munich Dr. Marcus Engelschalk 28.11.2015
Stadthagen Thorsten Wegner 17.01.2015
Stadthagen Thorsten Wegner 10.10.2015
Neumünster Jens-Peter Kock 28.03.2015
Neumünster Jens-Peter Kock 14.11.2015
Leipzig Dr. Michael Hopp 28.02.2015
Leipzig Dr. Michael Hopp 06.06.2015
Leipzig Dr. Michael Hopp 12.09.2015
Dresden Dr. Volker Beltz
Dresden Dr. Volker Beltz
Berlin Jeannette Deumer 15.04.2015
Berlin Jeannette Deumer 16.09.2015
Berlin Jeannette Deumer 02.12.2015
Gmünd Drr. Jürgen Tobias 27.02.2015
Stuttgart Dr. Reinhard Raab 06.06.2015
Stuttgart Dr. Reinhard Raab 30.10.2015
Nortorf Jörg Stolz 05.06.2015
Nortorf Jörg Stolz 11.09.2015
Köln Dr. Thorsten Kuypers 30.05.2015
Köln Dr. Thorsten Kuypers 22.08.2015
Köln Dr. Thorsten Kuypers 21.11.2015
Hachenburg Dr. Markus Krema 04.03.2015
Hachenburg Dr. Markus Krema 23.09.2015
Fulda Dr. Rainer Klaus 04.02.2015
Fulda Dr. Rainer Klaus 30.09.2015