Advanced PHAST ™ Endo

22 April 2016 - 23 April 2016

Brea, CA, United States

This is an intimate 2-day course, limited to only 10 doctors and taught by board Certified Endodontist Dr. Reid Pullen. This course will cover, in detail, a complete root canal treatment and re-treatment procedure while incorporating the PHAST™ PIPS™ laser endo technique. Path File, Wave One, ProTaper, ProTaper Next, and Vortex rotary files will be taught and used in a hands-on format where the class will utilize various obturation materials including warm vertical gutta percha obturation.

Hands on guidance will be provided by two Board Certified Endodontists. Each practitioner will have the opportunity to perform root canal treatments and retreatments utilizing extracted teeth and True Tooth replica models. Day 1 will cover the entire root canal treatment, start to finish; including techniques for easier location of various types of canals and calcified canals. Day 2 will cover non surgical root canal re-treatment, including a variety of PIPS™ tips and tricks.

Learning Objectives:

-To better understand the concepts of non-surgical root canal treatment and re-treatment from access to obturation

-To become acquainted with the latest and greatest in endo technology and techniques

-To better understand how the PHAST™ PIPS™ technique is incorporated into the root canal treatment and re-treatment process

-Participants will become more efficient with their root canal treatments and gain a greater level of confidence in their ability to complete them.

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Advanced PHAST Endo registration & info