Fotona Lasers in Aesthetics & Dermatology – Scars and Stretchmarks

10 June 2016 - 11 June 2016

London, United Kingdom

This comprehensive two-day workshop led by LA&HA lecturer and laser dermatology specialist Dr Melanie Schulz reviews the anatomy and physiology of scars looking in detail at the formation of various scar types and how various procedures can be used to give significant reduction to both scar volume and appearance.

During this 2 day workshop Dr Schulz covers the methods of treating hypertrophic, keloid, acne and stretchmark scarring using 1064 nm and 2940 nm wavelengths and also the topical and injectable pharmacologically active agents that are used in conjunction with laser treatments to obtain the best outcomes.

The course also addresses the important aspects of managing patient expectations, which for these treatments are of considerable importance before embarking on any treatment regimen.

There are 2 areas of focus on this course: the background of scars, looking in detail at both the anatomy and physiology of scars, and also the practical application of laser in both ablative and non-ablative forms. The lasers used are the Fotona SP Dynamis and QX MAX. As different laser settings can be understood best in live demonstrations on patients, we offer the opportunity to bring in your own patient and treat them in our clinic to consolidate your new knowledge acquired during the class, supervised by the workshop trainer.

There will also be plenty of time given to discuss particular cases and share experiences in a relaxed atmosphere, with one of the best views from the 30th floor over the magnificent city of London.


• Understand laser physics and laser-tissue interaction.

• Understand the effects of different parameter settings and how to identify the ideal settings for specific conditions and applications.

• Understand what and why pharmacologically active agents such as steroids enhance your laser results when treating scars.

• Learn how to gain the maximum benefit for your practice with Fotona laser systems.

• Learn tips and tricks from laser experts and peers.

Contact Fotona directly for registration information and bookings, or if you are a UK resident, contact our UK representative ABMEtech Ltd:

ABMEtech Ltd | Medical and Aesthetic Laser Systems | 11 Lonsdale Ave | Margate Kent CT9 3BT | United Kingdom phone: +44 1843 297110 | mobile: +44 786 333 4554