IncontiLase®, IntimaLase® & RenovaLase® Workshop

8 November 2016

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This workshop covers the use of Fotona’s laser systems in non-surgical gynecology. The workshop will begin with participants learning the basic principles of using lasers in a variety of non-surgical procedures. The practical and clinical advantages of lasers and laser-assisted treatments, and the effects of treatment parameter settings and variations thereof, will be explained in great detail and discussed by experienced laser practitioners based on real case materials. A selection of treatment procedures will be demonstrated on patients and volunteers. The workshop is presented by Dr. Marco Gambacciani, a highly experienced gynecologist and LA&HA Clinical Lecturer.


09:00 FotonaSmooth® application overview

10.00 Live demo SUI and other gynecological applications

11.30 Laser treatments in gynecology

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Hands-on and phantom model training

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