Aesthetics with FotonaSmooth (Gynecological Laser System) Workshop

13 September 2018 - 14 September 2018

Ljubljana, Slovenia

During this intensive two-day workshop, participants will learn the necessary skills, principles and procedures for using the FotonaSmooth laser in a variety of aesthetic and clinical gynecology indications.

Topics will include: benign skin lesions removal, hair reduction, vascular lesion treatments, wart removal, rejuvenation techniques, scars with different stages of maturation, stretch marks and many more.

The practical and clinical advantages of lasers and laser-assisted treatments, and the effects of treatment parameter settings and variations thereof, will be explained and discussed by experienced laser practitioners based on real case materials. A selection of treatment procedures will be demonstrated on patients and volunteers.

The Laser and Heath Academy workshops are an ideal opportunity for medical practitioners from all over the world to interact and share experiences, ideas, and expertise in a relaxed atmosphere. Contact Fotona or your local Fotona representative for registration information and bookings.