Basic SP Dynamis Workshop

26 January 2019 - 27 January 2019

Vienna, Austria

Participants will learn the basics of Laser physics, safety, laser-tissue interaction and all skills, principles and procedures necessary for using the Fotona SP Dynamis in dermatological and aesthetic applications, both theoretically and in practice. The workshop can be held in either English or German, depending on the preferences of the group participants.

First day:  

  • theoretical review of essentials of laser physics, safety and laser tissue interaction.
  • Demonstration of the interaction of different wavelength in different targets
  • SP Dynamis technology (wavelength, VSP, pulse duration, handpieces, using the touchscreen)
  • Indications and clinical cases
  • Patient selection, consent, aftercare


Second Day:

  • Handling of your SP Dynamis in daily use (handling of different handpieces, cleaning instructions and safe storage)
  • In-depth presentation of procedures and the effects of various parameter settings
  • Demonstration of procedures on live patients

Included topics:

  • Ablative and fractional applications in dermatology
  • Different skin resurfacing & rejuvenation techniques including 4D® and SmoothEye™
  • Scar treatments
  • Vascular treatments
  • Leg veins
  • Warts
  • Onychomycosis
  • TightSculpting®

The workshop will be held by Dr. Tamara Meissnitzer in her clinic for dermatology and aesthetic medicine in Laxenburg, close to the Vienna city border. Shuttle service will be provided.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please register here, or for further information contact us at