Webinar: 10 Years of Fotona (and Why It’s Still My Go-To Laser) with Dr. Mariela Cogorno

18 February 2021

Online Webinar, United States

Date: Thursday February 18th, 2021 at 7:00 PM EST

  * Fotona4D® Laser Facelifting
  * SmoothEye®
  * Patient Experience & Achieving Superior Outcomes
  * Treatment Comparisons

Born and raised in a family of surgeons in Venezuela, Dr. Mariela Cogorno discovered at a very young age her passion for Medicine and for helping others. During her long years of medical studies and practice, she was able to explore many of the different areas of this beautiful career and quickly fell in love with Aesthetic Medicine because of the big impact that small transformations had on her patients’ self esteem.

In 2002 she graduated from Medical School at Central University of Venezuela (UCV - Caracas, Venezuela) and in 2008 she co-founded and directed the first Medical Aesthetic Center with laser technology in Venezuela where she gained the trust of thousands of patients through a personalized and innovative service.

The difficult political situation in her country led her to look for new opportunities in the United States, a place she considers her home today. In 2018 she graduated from Internal Medicine Residency from the University of Miami at Jackson Memorial Hospital. And in 2019 her entrepreneurial spirit prompted her to found a new practice of Aesthetic Medicine in the very heart of Coral Gables with cutting edge technology and highly trained personnel offering the latest in rejuvenating treatments, skincare products, lasers, and injectables from the most prestigious and recognized brands.