NightLase & SmoothLase Training (LIVE WORKSHOP)

10 July 2022 - 10 August 2022

Denver, CO, United States

Course Information

This 2-day course will teach the Phast™NightLase and Phast™SmoothLase protocols. In detail, it will guide doctors through the history and research behind these procedures as well as cover treatment limitations, case selection, and, most importantly, practice integration. To further expand on the complete training experience, an amazing opportunity to learn via live patient training will take place throughout the course. Furthermore, we will expand on both internal and external marketing, as well as clinical photography tips, in order to help make these procedures a success in your practice!

Learning Objectives:

• Understand how to integrate the PHAST™ NightLase Procedure into your practice.

• Understand the laser tissue interaction/biology that allows for a successful Tx.

• Establish Tx limitations and case selection, along with Mallampati classification.

• Understand sleep apnea M.D. testing and sleep studies, co-therapy, appliances etc.

• Understand how to integrate the PHAST™ SmoothLase procedure into your practice.

• Better understand laser tissue interaction as it relates to muscle and skin anatomy.

• Ascertain the aesthetic clinical photography skills necessary to aid in Tx success.

• Learn the benefits of PHAST™ NightLase and SmoothLase procedures .

Space is limited…register ASAP!

*Receive Continuing Education credit at 8 hours-per-day (16 total)

*Delivery method includes lecture and hands-on participation

Nightlase & Smoothlase Class Schedule:

Friday: 8:30am - 5pm / Saturday: 8:30am - 5pm

(Suggested Arrival Date: Thursday)

Travel Information

Course Location

Vivos Institute

7001 Tower Rd. Ste. B

Denver, CO 80129

Suggested Hotels

Airport Information

The closest airport to fly into is Denver International Airport, which is 7.5 miles from the Course Location.

October NightLase & SmoothLase image
October NightLase & SmoothLase image
October NightLase & SmoothLase image