International Workshop in Laser Dentistry

20 June 2011 - 22 June 2011

During an intensive three-day workshop participants will cover basic laser physics and safety and will gain an in-depth understanding of laser-tissue interaction by learning the effects of Nd:YAG and Er:YAG on different tissues. The workshop is led by Prof Dr Norbert Gutknecht, the Scientific Director of the Aachen Dental Laser Center (AALZ) and a leading authority in the field of lasers in dentistry. Prof Dr Gutknecht is the author of more than 130 publications in dental laser science and has, since 1993, performed more than 500 laser workshops all over the world.

Day one: Introduction to Laser Dentistry and Laser Safety Course

(This course is a prerequisite for practical laser use)

As an introduction to the workshop you will learn how various laser systems are used and applied in practice. With the help of practical demonstrations, you will see the effects different laser systems have on various types of tissue. A therapeutic overview of the individual wavelengths aims to help participants decide on the appropriate system for their treatment emphasis.

If fundamental technical, biological and physical information about an application and laser safety measures are not known, the innovative treatment methods of laser therapy may include risks for both practitioners and their patients. The laser safety course prepares you for safe laser use by giving you an in-depth understanding of laser physics and laser-tissue interaction. With specific examples, you will understand the need for safety precautions in the use of lasers in a dental practice. The course covers statutory regulations, their implementation in practice and various laser application fields. After passing the examination you will receive the "Laser Safety Officer" (LSO) certificate.

This laser safety course meets the requirements of the trade associations for obtaining expertise as a Laser Safety Officer. It is officially recognized according to the guidelines of BGV B2 (orientated to EN 60825-1 and ANSI Z136.1) and the State Radiation Protection Office.

Days two and three: Wavelength Workshops (Nd:YAG and Er:YAG)

Lasers function with different wavelengths which have distinctive effects on tissue. Depending on the tissue to be treated, different types of laser wavelengths should be used.

Each wavelength-specific workshop gives you scientific-based knowledge on possible treatments using the appropriate laser source: Nd:YAG (June 21st) and Er:YAG (June 22nd). This includes:

  • Presentations of the indications for and use of the respective laser systems with the help of a detailed treatment plan that includes all relevant power settings,
  • In vitro demonstrations with models,
  • Live operations on patients or live video presentations,
  • Clinical applications and demonstrations,
  • Guided self-learning of treatment processes with the laser.

The wavelength clinical workshops gain participants an official certificate from the RWTH Aachen University Hospital.

The laser safety course and workshops include extensive course materials and catering (including lunch).

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please email for more information.

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