Fotona Gynecology Lasers

Highest Performance Laser Systems

Fotona's Dynamis PRO line of Er:YAG laser systems enables effective "feather-like" treatments for a broad range of FDA-cleared gynecological and genitourinary indications using Fotona's proprietary modality for G-Set handpieces and Fotona G-Runner scanner, enabling intervaginal treatments with ease and precision.

Key FDA cleared indications include:

Surgery: incision/excision, ablation, vaporization and coagulation of mucous membranes

Gynecology: cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), herpes simplex, endometrial adhesions, cysts and condyloma

Genitourinary: lesions of the external genitalia, urethra and anus, penis, scrotum and urethra, vulvar lesions, poylps and familial polyps of the colon.

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