StarWalker® PQX

Ultra-Performance Pico Laser


Picosecond laser technology is the perfect tool for effective skin pigment removal without damaging surrounding tissue or causing unwanted side effects. Picosecond laser pulses induce skin remodeling in a photoacoustic, completely non-thermal way, making it a very safe option for all skin types.

Offer Safe, Effective and Patient-Friendly Treatments

With just one device practitioners can now safely and effectively offer a wide range of treatment possibilities:

Why StarWalker® PQX?

StarWalker® PQX is the newest addition to the highest performance StarWalker® laser family. What makes the innovative StarWalker® PQX laser system stand out from the competition is that it delivers the highest Pico Power & Energy, which, combined with a wide range of sophisticated state-of-the art accessories, offers an exceptional combination of speed and precision in treatments.

The system’s advanced technology is suitable for both first-time users and advanced practitioners, providing an intuitive user interface, preset treatment parameters, an integrated history of past treatments and a patient database.

StarWalker® PQX Unique Advantages

  • Highest energy and peak power for fast and efficient treatments.
  • Largest range of spot sizes and handpieces (both full-spot and fractional) for exceptional treatment versatility and range.
  • Unique FracTat® capability for ablative scar and wrinkle treatments.
  • Top quality beam profile, proprietary ASP technology, and unique online self-calibration (EFC) for reliability and consistency of results.
  • Highly ergonomic OptoFlex® arm, conveniently small size and weight (55 x 29 x 82 cm; 68 kg), low power requirements (110/220 V, 16A) and exceptionally silent operation for greater operator comfort and ultimate energy efficiency.

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Wireless Footswitch

Advanced, easy-to-use full-beam and fractional handpieces allow for a broad range of treatments