Conservative Dentistry

Fotona's dental lasers provide the widest range of hard-tissue drilling options available. The minimally invasive nature of Fotona's patented VSP (Variable Square Pulse) Er:YAG technology permits precise and gentle hard-tissue ablation in enamel and dentin without heating the surrounding tooth structure.

Using a single high-performance instrument, with reduced need for anesthesia, makes hard-tissue procedures with LightWalker faster and easier to perform. And with no uncomfortable vibration or noise, both patients and practitioners experience maximum satisfaction and comfort.

Superior Clinical Results

With the latest LightWalker® system range, ablation parameters can be set according to the type as well as the condition of a patient’s hard tissue (carious/healthy). Even sub-gingival caries can be removed without gingival bleeding – and since the ablation speed in carious tissue is higher than in healthy dentin, more healthy tooth structure is preserved. Cavity and fissure preparation with a LightWalker laser leaves a clean surface with no smear layer and fully open dentinal tubuli – leading to higher bonding strength without the need for acid etching.

Fast, Effective and Minimally Invasive Treatments

The Er:YAG laser beam delivered through LightWalker’s articulated arm is more powerful than any dental laser delivered through optical fiber. LightWalker’s drilling speeds match, or even exceed, conventional burs, and unpleasant vibrations and noise are eliminated, maximizing patient comfort (especially valuable in pediatric dentistry).

In addition to an unrivaled 20 W of power, Fotona’s highest performance LightWalker AT system comes equipped with patented QSP (Quantum Square Pulse) technology, which allows the laser to ablate faster, more efficiently and with greater precision, enabling maximum tooth preservation in hard-tissue treatments.

Hard-tissue dental treatments can be performed with the following Fotona laser systems:

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