Effective Endodontic Treatment

Photo Activated Systems Technology, or PHAST™, is the scientific foundation for the LightWalker Er:YAG and the basis for PIPS™ as well as other advanced clinical laser procedures.

What is PIPS™ (Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming) Laser Endo?

PIPS™ (new patent in technology and procedure) is a revolutionary method for chemically cleaning and debriding the root canal system using Er:YAG laser energy at sub-ablative power levels and is only available with the LightWalker Er:YAG laser.

How Does PIPS™ Laser Endo Work?

PIPS™ harnesses the power of the Er:YAG laser to create photoacoustic shock waves within the cleaning and debriding solutions introduced in the canal. The containment of the shockwaves thoroughly streams these solutions through the entire canal system, enhancing their effectiveness. The canals and subcanals are left clean and the dentinal tubules are free of smear layer. PIPS™ is equally effective for final water rinsing prior to obturation.

What Makes The LightWalker Laser Endo and PHAST™ ideal?

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Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic Treatment

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